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About us

Dirt CoutureYou may have noticed that we’ve been under construction the last few weeks. Pardon our dust as we rebuild the website from scratch. No easy task.

While we know lots about pH and heirloom tomatoes, it’s a whole new set of brain cells to tackle java script and PHP, web servers and plugins (different from plant plugs it turns out.)

We’re still open for business. Just step under the scaffolding and watch your head!

Feel free to email with questions: admin@dirtcouture.com or call toll free: 888-752-2557 (Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST)

In the meantime, we are building the links to answer your questions about shipping (free in the U.S.), ordering (go for it), our return policy (super-generous) and most important: your privacy and security (the best in the biz.)

We hope you enjoy our home and garden shop online – Dirt Couture sources everything you love about your home and garden at the best possible price.

The photo? My 15-minutes in Country Gardens Magazine.